Lemons and The Three Options

Facing the Mountain

MountainI thought I'd catch up with you all on what's going on over here at West 102nd St. Well, truth to tell, not too much. I've had some great interviews over the past few weeks but nothing's caught fire yet but I'm keeping the faith. (Really, what else can I do?) I still have a super wonderful bf (whom I won't embarrass by going on and on about him.. but I could) - and a new roommate has moved in who is really terrific.

This time out of the work world has ultimately, I think, been pretty good for me. I was in need of a short break to attend to things in my world (including, but not limited to, the death of my friend Joe, which I wrote about in April). I miss my former co-workers something fierce but that time and place are gone but at least I am still pals with them and that definitely counts for something!

So I'm rapidly approaching a decision about a creative endeavor and I have to admit that it's scaring the carp out of me to even consider doing it. But I think that I just might. I don't mean to be cryptic - it's not me being a good marketer (although I think I do OK... those of you who know my nightlife work probably can speak to that better than I since I'm too close to it) but it's me Facing the Monolith and wondering if I can scale it ....

Do you face the mountain even if you don't know that you can reach the top... or do you wait (even longer than I already have) until maybe you might be kind of sort of more ready for it?? (Admittedly I may be mixing my metaphors here. I mean, you REALLY don't start climbing Everest without the right equipment... but I assume you know I'm talking metaphorically here... but maybe that works anyway... )

The time feels to be right now but I don't know. I don't have all the tools yet ....and yet ....that's never really stopped me before LOL (again, as my friends aware of my former work in nightlife can certainly attest). I have mostly dove into things and well, they've (mostly) turned out alright. Like the time I drove a stick shift to San Francisco. I really didn't know how to operate a stick shift and I didn't really know anyone in San Fran nor did I have a job there. I just went. I climbed the mountain...... Like the time I walked in to the Mosinee Times with my best pal Woody and we somehow talked our way into a weekly comic strip.... Like the time I threw that first pool party together, like the time I started producing a weekly bingo night, like the time I started working in corporate America at a Japanese bank.......

Friendly advice and gentle kicks in the pants welcome (and appreciated) below in the comments section and/or on my Facebook page (Sound of Music memes welcome)